Self taught lesson #1: Background

Joyce Reitman
Wednesday, November 12, 2008

There is one fact that cuts across everyone’s lives. We all have to accept the fact that our time is finite. We spend most of our lives denying this, fighting it, trying to reverse the facts, but there it is. Time is the great equalizer.

I have always thought that if we could really understand this, a lot of the ridiculous things we put ourselves through would be eliminated.

Don’t get me wrong. I am the first to violate this fact of life.

So, instead of continuing to fill my time up with errands and busywork, I stop and think for a moment about questions that don’t have one right answer, or paths with no one right way. This still doesn’t stop me from wanting the simple solution. So, I am starting my search for my unanswerable question, and maybe my search will throw some light on your unanswered questions, too.

I have lots of observations, lots of opinions, and large amounts of energy and curiosity. This has propelled me into all kinds of situations in which I have met people and committed myself to events and work that I probably had no business committing to. Perversely, the more I strayed from the expected, the richer my experiences got. I am not talking about bungee jumping, sky diving, or running for political office. (I don’t have an issue with any of those things, but they are just not my style.) I am talking about facing my fears, including setting myself up for potential failure, being criticized, going for broke (as in getting my bank account to zero) and straining my emotional safeguards.

The successes have been fantastic. I have made a little money, and spent more, but what I really treasure is being very comfortable in my own skin.

If we go back to the original premise, that time is fleeting, we might as well strive to make the best of this time, for ourselves and for others. This is my simple goal in life.

I am going to tell it all here, because my sincere belief is that an honest approach is the best approach.

Nothing I have done has run a straight course, so please hang in there, and let’s see if we can get somewhere important by traveling an uncharted path, together.