CASE STUDY: Wellplace

Merger Management and Company Leadership


Pioneer Behavioral Health subsidiary, Wellplace, sought to expand their online mental health treatment capabilities in order to compliment their traditional in and outpatient facilities. Pioneer Behavioral Health concluded that acquiring TherapyRightNow, a company founded by EMS Partners' Joyce Reitman, would produce a dynamic pairing of resources.

TherapyRightNow utilized increasingly viable online resources to bring critically needed mental health treatments to people and businesses for a fraction of the cost of traditional industry practices. After acquiring TherapyRightNow, Pioneer Behavioral Health and Wellplace faced the challenge of seamlessly merging the entities together. CEO of TherapyRightNow and EMS Partner, Joyce Reitman was named CEO of Wellplace in order to accomplish this goal


We concluded that customer focus, flexibility, and use of today's technology allowed Wellplace to meet the unique needs of customers and organizations, previously left unfulfilled by traditional practices. In order to consolidate resources and enhance the user experience, the websites operated by Pioneer Behavioral Health were brought together under the Wellplace name. The first substantial revenue was then generated within three months of the merger, establishing Wellplace as a successful innovator in the healthcare market.

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